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How to Make Divi Backgrounds Mobile Friendly

In this article I will show you how to ensure that your backgrounds look great on any device with your Divi website.
Published Friday, 15 Dec 2023

Ever created a background for a website that is sheer perfection only to have it that when you go and show it to someone on your mobile phone – you only see a section of it which basically ruins the whole experience? I have been there too. Which is why I want to give you 2 ways to make your Divi backgrounds mobile friendly.

Divi Background on Mobile Issue

Before we jump into the solutions, let’s just have a look at what the actual issue is.

Let’s have a look of an example of this. Say we have a landscape background image of a family.

Background image on Divi

Looks great right?

Now we switch over to the mobile view and what do we see…

Divi Mobile background issue

Now unless the kids were always your focal point, the family dynamic is missing here now as it is cropping the parents out of the background.

Solution to make your Divi Backgrounds Mobile Friendly

So how can we fix this? Well, as I said earlier, I have two options for you.

Use a Colour Background

Using a colour background will do away with all the issues as there is no specific focal point on the background so when viewed on any device it will look great!

Use Different Images for Different Devices

This is probably the best way to do it with Divi in it’s current form. Create two separate images; one for landscape (to show on desktop) and one for portrait (to show on mobile) and then use the Divi Background settings to set each background.

If you click on the section module and head to the setting click on Background and then click on the mobile icon.

Now you should see the three responsive options; desktop, tablet and mobile.

Click on the image tab and then click add image. If you select the landscape image for the desktop and portrait image for mobile, it should display as you have created it.

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