How to make a date dynamic in Divi without using code

Published Sunday, 28 Mar 2021

I have previously written a post on how to make a date dynamic by adding some code but have since discovered a way to do so without using code. Far many, I am sure this will be the better choice.

For those that are not aware, setting your date to be dynamic means that the date will get the info from the server (computer is is hosted on) and will then change automatically as the date changes.

A good example of this is many sites use a copyright date in their footers, by setting this to be dynamic, you will not have to update this every year but instead it will be done automatically. Sounds good right?

Make a date dynamic in Divi without using code
Copyright date in the footer set to dynamically change

So let’s get started…

Make a date dynamic in Divi without using code

Right so the first thing we will want to do is add a Text Module to the position you would like the date to appear. If you want it to display in your footer, a good place would be using the Theme Builder, you can place it in the Global Footer section.

So go ahead and add the Text Module and then you will want to click on the Use Dynamic Content icon


Next up, you will want to select the Current Date option


How is it going? Still able to follow?
If all good then we will now want to fill out the form with the relevant details.

As an example;

Before: Copyright ©

After: This is where you would type your website name

Date Format: Select “Custom” from the list

Custom Date Format: If you only want to show the year, add “Y” (Make sure it is a capital Y)


After you are done, click the green check mark button at the bottom and that is it – you are done.

From now on, the date will change automatically as the server date changes and you can sit back and relax – or get more work, if that is your choice.

Hope this was helpful